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Why Cynthia Lennon Was Definitely The Fifth Beatle – Julian Lennon Biography

Why Cynthia Lennon Was Definitely The Fifth Beatle – Julian Lennon Biography

Many musicians and artists who rise to fame often take for
granted the people who help them climb to the celebrity status that they enjoy.
As for the Beatles, most people know about Yoko Ono and her relationship with Lennon. However,
what most people fail to realise is that there Yoko might have played a very
important part in Lennon’s life and still continues to enjoy the benefits of
being associated with John Lennon. However, she came during the part of the
life of John and the Beatles when they were already big and enjoying the
attention of people around the world.Most people even forget the fact that John
Lennon was married once before he met Yoko Ono. Cynthia Lennon, the mother of
Julian Lennon, has always been brushed aside and forgotten. If she was ever
remembered, she has always been regarded as a simple support act to John when
he was coming up.

The Theory of The Fifth Beatle

For generations, people have always wondered how the Beatles
were able to rise to the status they have and ever wondered what they perhaps
had a fifth member who played a vital role in the background. Most people
claimed that it was probably Stuart Sutcliffe, a friend of
Lennon’s or maybe it was the drummer Pete Best who was a part of the band for a
short while. Some even claimed that their manager was the fifth Beatle.
However, least did anyone expect that the real honour of being the fifth Beatle
would go to Cynthia Lennon. Thanks to the information that has been collated
lately to understand the life of Cynthia that the true identity of the fifth
Beatle was understood.

Why Cynthia Lennon Was Definitely The Fifth Beatle - Julian Lennon Biography
Why Cynthia Lennon Was Definitely The Fifth Beatle – Julian Lennon Biography

Cynthia Lennon and Her Influence

Being a beautiful illustrator, Cynthia was not just a
mere missus. She has a powerful influence in the upcoming years of the Beatles.
She played a very important role in the life of John as well as their son
Julian. In fact, John was used to writing to her every single day when he was on
tour. He never missed a day even if he was playing in places away from home for
a single night. Without Cynthia’s love and encouragement, John would have been
able to sustain his tours and rise to fame. Move makers and playwrights have
now decided to make stage performances of the life of Cynthia to give her due
credit for her support.

Cynthia Lennon and Her Influence
Cynthia Lennon and Her Influence

Even though John Lennon had several one-night stands, the relationship
he had with Cynthia stood firm. The museum of the Beatles Story in Albert Dock,
in fact, has several illustrations that Cynthia drew about the band. It gives a
clear idea of how much she knew about the band and her husband. The playwright
Mike Howl uncovered a lot of this truth when he decided to make a play about
Cynthia and had everyone come forward with information. Though Cynthia died in
Spain back in 2015, this play will finally give her the due credit that she
deserves and also give Julian Lennon the chance to be proud of not just one but
both his parents.