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Who is Ringo Star?


Ringo Star was born Richard Starkey on the 7th of July, 1940 in Liverpool. He was the only child of his parent, and his father left the family when he was just 4 years old. Just after his sixth birthday, Starkey was diagnosed with tuberculosis and he spent a greater part of the next two years in a children’s hospital. The hospital staff at that time to encourage patients to get engage in music as a way to cheering them. He used a mallet made out of wood to beat the cabinets next to his bed. This was the foundation of his career as a drummer.

Musical Start

His stepfather encouraged him to take up music in 1953.  He was introduced to Skiffle music by one of his co-workers. He played the Skiffle with household items instead of musical instruments. A few years after that, he became a member of a real musical band with real musical instruments. He started bearing the nickname Ringo Star to reflect his love for country music and his love for rings. He named his drum solos ‘Starr Time’. The musical band gained more popularity with started and started going on tours in places like Hamburg. Hamburg also happens to be the place where Ringo met the Beatles for the first time.

The Beatles

He joined the Beatles officially as a band member in 1962 to replace Pete Best. Fans got so angry about the replacement that they beat Starr black and blue after their first gig in a club in Liverpool. He was assigned the role of playing the maracas and tambourine by George Martin after the attack. With time, he was accepted and loved by fans. The Beatles stopped going on official tours in 1969 after their final concert in August of that year at Apple Corps, Ltd. The band began to have some issues and tensions within them. They called with quits in April 1970 after Paul McCartney went public with his decision to leave the group.

Ringo Star

After the breakup from Beatles, Starr began a solo career. He released his first album titled Sentimental Journey in 1970. Starr was the only member of the Beatles group that went ahead to work for every other member of the group. He played the drums on John Lennon’s and George Harrison’s albums. He also wrote singles with Harrison “it don’t Come Easy’ in 1973.  He released another album in 1973 titled Ringo; 2 singles from the album became a hit song in the United States. His success in his musical career is said to stem from his charismatic personality and collaborates with other musical professionals. Besides music, Starr ventured into the acting scene and has experienced success in his acting career. He was featured in some movies like 200 Motels released in 1971, ‘That will be the day’ released in 1973 and son of Dracula released in 1974. Starr was married to Maureen Cox twice from 1965 to 1975. They had three children together. He got married to Barbara Back his second wife in 1981.

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