A discreet character indeed, as very little is known about him. He never really liked the drama, nor the gossip and he has always tried to remain off the grids. For a while, it was not intentional. This man had quite a lot of strife growing up, and his father, the legendary John Lennon, has kept him quiet, for at the time, he thought that the fact of him being married would make him lose a lot of female fans.

Julian Lennon is son of John Lennon and his first wife, Cynthia. He was born in Liverpool, England and he did follow the footsteps of his father for a while, dedicating to writing songs and becoming what he would describe, “a songsmith”, mainly dedicating to the genre of rock.

Growing up, John Lennon was absent, and did not spend much time with his son. By the time Julian was five, John had abandoned both him and his wife. He left them for Yoko Ono and he finally divorced Cynthia in the year 1968. This left Julian completely heart-broken and, Paul McCartney, wrote the song we all love today, entitled, “Hey Jude” to comfort him. The song was originally called “Hey Jules” but McCartney thought Jude was easier to sing, so he changed it.

After the divorce, Julian did not have much contact with his father, making him resentful, He described his father as a hypocrite, saying the following in an interview he had with The Telegraph:

“I have to say that, from my point of view, I felt he was a hypocrite. Dad could talk about peace and love out loud to the world, but he could never show it to the people who supposedly meant the most to him: his wife and son. How can you talk about peace and love and have a family in bits and pieces – no communication, adultery, divorce? You can’t do it, not if you’re being true and honest with yourself.”

Clearly, his family relationship was not the best. He even says he has more fond memories of Paul McCartney than that of his own father. Eventually, with time, John Lennon removed Julian from his estate, something we can consider unfair. However, despite all the unjust treatment he received, he always did a very good job at remaining discreet, and doing his utmost to keep to himself, making sure him and his family got the privacy they deserved. And with time, he always tried to follow the advice of his mother, which was being the better person and to learn how to “kill them with kindness”.

He was never really the person to care for money or fame either. He always knew what were the things that were truly meaningful and tried to stick to them, such as music. Ever since he was little, he was always drawn to it. He has released 6 albums in his lifetime. Music was not his only interest though. After he photographed for his half-brother Sean on his tour in 2007, he developed a massive interest in photography. He opened up an exhibition called “Timeless” containing 35 photographs, and to this day, he continues to dedicate to it.

Julian, or Jules Lennon, is a man that not many people appreciate yet, we could definitely learn a thing or two about. Plus, he is certainly a talented man who without a doubt, inherited the artistic gifts of his father.

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