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What Happened To the Beatles?

What Happened To the Beatles?

The Beatles are the famous band that was formed in 1960. The group is said to be the most influential musical band of all time. The Beatles are made up of the following prominent band members; Ringo Starr, John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney. You, like millions of other Beatles fans all around the world, may be wondering what happened to the Beatles. Continue reading to know what happened to the individual members of the band.

John Lennon

Stuart Sutcliffe that played bass for the Beatles band was killed in 1962 in Germany. While their first drummer, Pete Best is alive. Ringo Starr replaced Pete Best in the group because he was a better drummer than Pete. Stuart Sutcliffe suffered a brain hemorrhage which resulted in his death.  He died before the group becomes successful. That was the reason why Paul McCartney has to replace Stuart Sutcliffe as a bass player for the band.

George Harrison

John Lennon, a core member of the band, was killed in 1980 on the 8th of December. John was shot dead by an insane fan, just in front of his New York apart. His ash remains were sprinkled on the Central Park that is not far from the Strawberry Fields Memorial. His first wife, Yoko traveled to Liverpool several years after his death and was spotted walking inside the Strawberry Field. It was rumored that she took some of her ex-husband’s ashes to a child care center where John used to visit before his death.

George Harrison passed away in 2001 after battling with lung cancer for some time. His ash was sprinkled by the Hindu tradition in the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers. Just before his death, George faulted his lung cancer to have occurred as a result of his smoking habit which he continued for a more significant part of his lifetime.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is still much alive. Not long ago, he released a remix of his albums titled Tug of War and Pipes of Peace. The original version of these albums was first published in the 1980’s. Paul still goes on tours.

Ringo Starr now has a band called All Starr Band, and he goes on tour with his group. He performed recently in a concert held in Rio.

George Martin, who worked as a producer for the Beatles is still alive. The part he played for the success of the band was on the same level with that of the four singers.

Brian Epstein who served as the band’s foremost manager passed away from taking an overdose unintentionally in 1967. Paul was of the view that Brain should be made the fifth member of the Beatles band.

Ringo Starr

Other people who were with the band over the years are; Andy White who died recently. He was the drummer during the recording of the love me Do as George Martin. Also, Eric Clapton who was the guitarist for the recording of the album ‘While my Guitar Weeps is still much alive.’ Although Eric was permitted to play the guitar only because John was not available.