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This Movie is More Than A Tribute to The Beatles – Yesterday

The entertainment industry has always taken inspiration from the lives and biographies of former legends. When it comes to the music legends, it is still an evergreen industry for moviemakers to make films based on their time in the spotlight. With the recent movie about Queen and the success it garnered, there has been an influx of biographies of famous musicians made into a film. The Beatles were always known for their involvement in the movie industry. They have been showcased on cinema from the times they were active till today, decades after the hype has died down.

Recently, a movie called Yesterday has been released and is
a unique approach to the life of the Beatles. The Beatles have always been
trendsetters, and this movie is yet another trend that the band has made long
after the band itself has been disbanded. The film
focuses on the music that the Beatles created and infuses it into the life of a
struggling musician. Indeed, the movie is a fantastic diversion from the usual
biography style movies made about the music legends like Elton John or Freddy

How the Movie Reflects on More Than Just The Biography of The Beatles

The movie plot itself is entirely different from that of the
. It focuses on a struggling musician who finds himself some spotlight
when he focuses on the music of the Beatles. While the musician covers a lot of
popular music from the era, he does not stray far from what the Beatles made.
The beauty of the movie is that it is a perfect tribute to the Beatles right
from its name to the choice of songs. The fame defining the music that the
Beatles made is highlighted in the film. The movie, of course, does not do
complete justice to the music and the revolutionary impact that the band had on
the world. However, that is precisely what you can expect from the Beatles.
They rarely focused on their fame or used their popularity to impact people. In
fact, the glory, the impact, the revolutionary ideas came almost naturally to
the band.

The movie is a perfect reflection of how the once-popular
band just played their music, wrote their songs irrespective of the impact they
had on their fans and possibly even the era. The core of the film is set to
showcase the happiness of a human being. Both the band, their music, and the famous
movie reflects the same. The fundamental relationship between human emotion and
success is tapped into from what the Beatles gave the world. Indeed, the movie
is a refreshing theme from the stereotypes. A light-hearted rom-com is what the
movie is, leaves the audience feeling happy and content at the end of the film.
Similarly, the Beatles, left people feeling that same feeling of content and exhilaration
at the end, which is what owed to their success till today. The music is shown
in a light that is fun, great to listen to, and enjoy for every audience.