You can’t mention the name “John Lennon” without getting heads to turn in the United States. John Lennon is British, but the singer is more popular than the 21 American president (whoever that is) in America. John and the beetles redefined rock music; his achievements will be difficult to forget even in the next century. John Lennon was born, October 1940, in London, England, at the time there was an air raid happening from Germany. As a child, he never saw much of his dad, Freddie, who went missing, while in the navy. For several years, his mother’s sister Mimi raised him as well. In his early years, John was a troublesome student, wand he was always taking the Micky out of teachers and another student. While still young he received his first guitar and he started to play a few songs and found his love for the instrument.

The Quarry Men Skiffle Band

In the late 1950s, John organized a small band called the Quarry Men Skiffle Band. This was a lead up the Beatles. Later in the year 1957 he was introduced to and had a fruitful musical partnership with Paul McCartney. They got along so well and worked well together as well. Lennon naturally was better at the satirical aspects of the songs while McCartney brought a more cheerful and fun attitude to them. Lennon led the Beatles, because of his older age and also because had the best musical abilities at the time. McCartney was the one who convinced the band to let George Harrison to join the band. The first of the Beatles concerts was at a club called the Cavern Club in Liverpool in March 1961. They were at first rejected, they finally signed a contract with Parlophone. The band saw a lot of success and they were loved all around the world, John was often saw as the leader throughout all of their success.

John was not shy to controversy, he saw a lot of it throughout his career with the band and as a solo artist. John once was quoted saying that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. Later he claimed that his statement is just an observation, which may be right in England. But so many Christians were hurt by the comment and lost interest in the group. When the beetles were about to split up, a sad end that John was gravely responsible for, he already weighed up a solo career for himself. And when the band finally pulled apart, John went on to build a career for himself with the help of his second wife, Yoko Ono. He was already very popular, so it wasn’t difficult to remain on top, but John put in so much hard work on his own and even had to join the anti-war movement as a figurehead.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono

John got assassinated in 1980; the whole world came to a standstill at the news of his death. He is still largely talked about and missed by die hard rock fans. Until he sudden death, John was very influential in the movement for peace in the world. He released the song “Give Peace a Chance” and campaigned rigorously against war and violence.