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The Beatles and The Abbey Road Cross Walk

The design of music
was an iconic representation of the band that promoted its music.
Today, when videos are identified or noted for their fantastic music videos, there
was a time when the simple album covers or the font used to spell out the band
name was important. A visual reminder of who the band is what they can expect
from the music in the album. While some of the music album covers are more in
line with the music inside, some of the covers were vague with hidden meanings.
The same was for the Beatles and their art used in the covers. While most of
their album covers had the name of the band in bold font on the front, some of
the covers were a more direct photo of the band when they did something like
the Abbey Road used in the cover of their album.

Fifty years after the album was released, the residents who
live near the iconic Abbey road still enjoy the celebrity status of the crosswalk
that the Beatles made famous. The future of the road was changed forever in the
summer of 69’ when the band used the simple crosswalk in their cover. The fate
of the street was sealed permanently. People loved the Beatles in London where
they came from, and everything that reflected on the band is an opportunity to
celebrate their influence on the world.

The Downsides of The Iconic Abbey Road Cross Walk Today

While tourism
has always been at an all-time high on the Abbey Road crosswalk, over time the celebrity
status of a place that is used regularly by the common man gets old. When
people have to use the road to get to work or pass through in an emergency
situation, it has become something that most people dread doing. Thousands of
fans from around the world who come to London hoping to recreate the Abbey Road
crosswalk picture for their social platforms and for a tick off their bucket
list. This is a cause for concern because unlike most iconic things, the
crosswalk cannot be put into a museum or even sealed off as a place of remembrance;
after all, it sits right in the middle of the road.

Today on Abbey Road

The residents are often in a pickle when they need to cross
the road and get o work. However, the famous Abbey Road studios and the
government don’t really do much to dampen the love that the fans have for the
Beatles. The residents try and cover up the sign that identifies Abbey road,
but the government and the studios hoping to draw more tourists open it up.
Overall it’s a game of spin the bottle for a tourist who wants to get a picture
here. To put matters at rest, the government has marked the place as a heritage
sign that has forever made the famous crosswalk a place to remember the most
iconic/legendary band from London. Now, it is just a matter of time, that
traffic and other civilian issues are taken into consideration, and the apt way
is given for all.