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Julian Lennon’s Photography

Julian Lennon’s Photography

Julian is a man of many talents indeed. Truly devoted to art, and always strived to further cultivate his gifts and passion towards them. Not only is he a passionate songwriter and musician, but his art was also developed in a visual from, such as photography. Julian expresses that he had quite an unusual life. However, his journey has allowed him to adopt a unique perspective towards things. Towards life in general. Despite the hardships, he always knew how to vent out his frustration in an art form, turning him into the man he is today.

He knew he had a gift for capturing intimate moments, and gathering the right composition for a good photograph. His interest arouses though, after he photographed for his half-brother Sean, on his musical tour. He knew from this point on, that his way of observing life, was entirely different and he decided to not hold back. He has a wide variety of inspiring collections but his first one to become an actual exhibition was opened in Manhattan, in September 2010, called, “Timeless”. This first collection shows some breath-taking photographs that include living legends, such as Kate Hudson, U2, and his half-brother, Sean.

He also released a very profound collection entitled, “Horizon” which covers the reality of life. The depth of this collection goes beyond just a mere collection of nice pictures. He took a trip to Ethiopia and Kenya, in order to help out with a charity program. He wanted to bring clean water to thousands of people and while doing so, he captured a series of beautiful landscapes, portraits, and photographs of wildlife. He made sure, though, to not miss one single detail. He says the following in an interview he had with the Rolling Stones magazine:

“I just sat down, looked around and really absorbed it. Otherwise we would have gotten up to the top of the mountain, I’d have a nice view, take a few snaps and go back down.”

The purpose behind these inspiring photographs were to give an insight on indigenous cultures, and raise awareness. These photos are seriously amazing. He has a story behind each and everyone, proving to us that the saying, “a picture is worth more than a thousand words”, is more than real. You can find some of his personal sayings on his pictures in the Rolling Stone magazine.

Clearly, photography is more to Julian than just pressing a button. It is being able to create stories, and memories that you could go back to every time you look at a photograph. To be able to live the story over and over again and to feel what he felt the moment he captured that instant. And I believe this is why he has become so successful as photographer.

He has numerous collections and is frequently opening exhibitions which you can find on his official website. It is definitely recommended to visit one if you get the chance. You can also enjoy his work on his Instagram account and keep up to date with his work.

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