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If your father is a musical legend, such as John Lennon, there is absolutely no doubt that you will be heavily influenced and sooner or later, you will want to purse his same footsteps, which is exactly what happened with singer/songwriter, Julian Lennon. He began to take an interest at the very early age of 10. He first started out by playing guitar and the drums and then later, in his teenage years, he experimented with piano, which he also became quite good at with time. And his first big break was being featured on his father’s album “Walls and Bridges” on the track “Ya Ya”.

He began to have more of a relationship with his father by the time he collaborated with him in 1974, allowing him to pursue his gifts as an artist further. But, unfortunately, in 1980, his father was murdered by a crazy fan, thus, ending their relationship. Julian though, was determined to continue his career as a musician despite his tragic loss. His first album, Valotte, was a massive hit. It even hit the top ten at the time. And his singles Valotte and Too Late for Goobyes became platinum by March 1985. Have a listen to it by clicking this link. This album got Julian nominated for Best New Artist, having people say that he sang much like his father, something we would assume he would be proud of but instead, just made him grow irritated.

The following year, he released another album entitled, “The Secret Value of Daydreaming”, which featured a track that was certified gold called, “Stick Around,” and that got to hit the top 40. Despite the fact that it was quite good, it did not receive the success his first album did. Those were not the only albums he took out. In total, he has released approximately six albums, all of them being really enjoyable.

Julian Lennon has always described himself as a “songsmith”. He says that his top priority is to make music as were a marriage. Quite a passionate way to describe it. He explains in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine:

“Songs are a true marriage in that the musical content, lyrical and melodic, have to tell the same story independently, but once it’s together it’s a real marriage. That’s when I get goose bumps. When I work on something, it has to have that effect on me. Otherwise it doesn’t go anywhere – it doesn’t leave the room.”

His most recent album, “Everything Changes”, involves some more modern productions, that he says he would have never thought of even using, which is what makes it more special. He explains that, while making this album, that one particular song was the one that gave him the typical adrenaline and goosebumps you would feel on stage. That drive to have him finish the album. The beautiful part of it all, is his connection with music itself. How his relationship could even be considered intimate with music. And that is what kept him going this entire time. Truly, it could be appreciated tens time more now.

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