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John Lennon and His Many Mysteries- Unknown Facts

John Lennon and His Many Mysteries- Unknown Facts

Starting as a Boy Scout and choir boy, John Lennon had his heart at making it big as a musician. However, who knew he would turn out to be the founding member of the most iconic band “The Beatles“!

He even turned out to be one of the most influential singers in the history of humankind. John Lennon the musical maestro, who kept his fans on their toes did manage to have a few things hidden from them.

  1. His Voice Was Not Something He Loved Most – Who would imagine, the very same voice we adore, the person we treat as a music icon and one who created history would hate his voice? But it is true; John Lennon was not a fan of his own voice. He is said to have argued about the quality of the sound of his voice. He was once caught telling his manager that his voice might as be smothered with ketchup because he felt it sounded so bad to him.
  2. Monopoly Had Him Hooked – Spare time was not something he had come by very often, yet in-between flights and free time in his hotel room was Monopoly time. One could call it his secret obsession as he didn’t let go of a single opportunity he could indulge in a game of Monopoly.
  3. Driving Didn’t Come Easily to Him – Twenty-four years old, that’s how old he was when he procured a driver’s license. People in his circle called him a terrible driver; he managed to mangle his Aston-Martin completely and needed 17 stitches himself after the accident. He never laid hands on the steering wheel of a vehicle post the crash.
  4. None of The Beatles Compositions Satisfied Lennon – Yes, not even “Strawberry Fields.” George Martin, Lennon’s former producer, revealed that he had mentioned wanting to re-record every one of their records. Talk about standards.
  5. Vegetarianism Was Not for Him – He saw everyone around him turning vegetarian due to their reasons. He even played with the idea himself; however, decided against it the moment he realized it was not meant to be. He couldn’t do it.
  6. Napping in A Coffin – An old coffin used to be a nap place to Lennon. Weird but true. An abandoned coffin served as his bed for a quick nap.
  7. The Mystery of The Grave – Speculation has it that his second wife, Yoko Ono still preserve his remains. That’s just speculation though. The exact location of the cremation is a mystery.
  8. Collecting Beatles Artifacts Was His Hobby – Be it the Beatles Dolls gifted by Elton John, or the photos clicked by Jurgen Vollmer, Lennon always had his assistants collect artifacts.
  9. John Lennon Killed the Beatles – Isn’t shocking it? True nevertheless. Didn’t you always think it was because McCartney decided to quit that the Band broke up? I did so too. Lennon wanted to make it big all by himself and had announced his departure long before McCartney did, but it was kept under wraps for a long time.
  10. John Lennon Victimized His Wives – Hard to believe, but a fact none the less. Considered an ambassador of peace, John Lennon victimized both his wives during their relationship. He is said to have had psychological issues leading to fits of rage which got out of control many a time.