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How Would The World Have Been if Not For The Beatles

How Would The World Have Been if Not For The Beatles

Being an iconic band in an era when there was a burst of
classy musicians was a tall ask. Every band that exploded during the 60s
were great, but a few go down in history for the imme=senly popular music that
they gave the world. The Beatles were more than just an average band with great
music. Their songwriting knew and still knows epic bounds and people are, till
today, eating up all the glory that the band gave the music industry. Jon
, the renowned author who brought out a book in honor of the Beatles
and their music, carefully explains how the music that the Beatles actually
managed to save the era. There were too many things both politically and
economically happening around the world at the time and then the final boom
came in the summer of 69’ when everything took for a turnover.

The band itself was able to tie
down the several nuances of pop music to the heart of exquisite taste in music.
While some profess that not everything by the Beatles is what created a trend, many
would not agree to the fact. In truth, the 60s was sparked with beautiful
innovations, and the Beatles did have a master part to play in this. While they
were not the only trendsetters in the music industry, they were knew how to
blend both the melody and the songwriting
to take the era into a different plane, altogether.

What The World Would Miss

Without the influence of the Beatles, the world would surely
have missed out on using the beat in music. Songwriters like Bob Dylan were
great, but he lacked the explosion of the rhythm by the Beatles. Rock n Roll
music would have been hidden away in plain sight with only the rock musicians
daring to cater to only a select audience. The popular music that appeals to
the common man would never have made it this far. The young people of the 60s
would have focused only on folk music, and the pop genre would never have even
born. Several famous artists from the era would never have taken flight, and also
the biggest concerts like the ‘Jesus Saves’ concert in 1971 would never have
been a hit. Poetry, art, fashion, and folk would have grown, but definitely not
to trending limits.

Infusing music with African American blends, and offered up
by teen looking individuals in suits, who managed to show the world that upbeat
music is for everyone is what the Beatles did. Music might never have
introduced the pop genre, instead of surfing or even skateboarding might be the
pioneers to introduce the genre in their own time and style – yet, again to a
niche audience. Forget sexual liberation, counterculture or freedom – all of it
would have taken a backseat while the Stones would have been the big guys after
skipping a whole generation and genre of music. In fact, the Rolling Stones
might not have even begun making music, and their lead man might have been yet
another working man who would never have found inspiration.