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How the Beatles Music Influenced Today’s Bands

How the Beatles Music Influenced Today’s Bands

The Beatles had a profound influence on music in later years, including music of today. This, of course, influenced later bands to do the same. The Beatles were also the first band to experiment with using different instruments and even doing loops. They also included features from several different music genres: from rock and roll to pop to classical and psychedelic. This inspired later bands such as the alternative rock band Nirvana.

Many music bands today incorporate several different music genres in their music. They may also include unusual musical instruments and sounds. This was all pioneered by the Beatles. The Beatles were the first group to play to a large stadium audience. They played at New York’s Shea Stadium in 1965. This set the stage for many groups to come. Today most singers and groups go on tour and play at stadiums to large audiences.

Music Video

The Beatles were also the first group to invent the music video in which they were shown playing their musical instruments; they decided to make a video because of the very tight schedules that they had. The idea was to make a short movie about a live performance. Today most groups and singers produce music videos, some of which can be quite complex and involve hiring actors for different scenes.


Hey Jude

Music used to be played on AM radio, but it was actually because of the Beatles that this changed to FM. This was because the Beatles song “Hey Jude” was over 7 minutes in length and the AM stations would simply stop the song at 3 minutes before it reached the best part of the song. One radio station in San Francisco promised to play the entire song on FM and did so, thus luring listeners away from AM to FM radio.

First Album

Before 1966, music albums were simply a collection of singles and singers had no say over how the music was arranged or what order the songs were put in. This changed with the Beatles who came up with the first so called concept album in which there was an underlying theme that all the songs followed.

The first concept album the Beatles produced was “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely-Hearts Club Band”.  The songs on the album had not been released as singles which was uniquely different, as songs in the past were first released as singles and then later were compiled into and produced as an album. These early music albums also had no particular theme. The Beatles were the first group to have their song lyrics printed on the album cover. In June 1967, they were also one of the first groups to play in a live satellite television broadcast.


Some of the techniques that they used in the studio were very inventive and strongly influenced musicians in later years. For example, they used multi-tracking, phase shifting, spliced loops, back masking and artificial double tracking. Singers and musicians today are still being influenced by the Beatles music and stylistic elements.