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How Ron Howard Restored Decades-Old Footage and Life of The Beatles

How Ron Howard Restored Decades-Old Footage and Life of The Beatles

Classic filmmakers, classical musicians, legendary artists
and timeless creations have a special place in society and our world. The life
and legendary
created by the Beatles during their prime time in the music
industry has left a lasting impression for generations and will continue to
influence music tastes from many more centuries. When a legendary filmmaker
decides to contain the memory of legendary musicians in a single film, the
result is nothing short of greatness. The same can be said about Ron Howard and
his creation of the Beatles movie to captivate the experiences of the Beatles
in their Prime and transpire the save the cultural significance of their music.

The Story of The Beatles

Like wars having smaller battles, the story of the Beatles is
littered with little memories and short stories with millions of people who
have played witness to their life. Every angle that the Beatles were viewed in
has been different owing to the experience of the people who witnessed them in
some form or the other. The documentary
that Ron Howard made about the Beatles is titled, ‘Eight Days a Week’ and is
about the years when the Beatles were on tour and their life when they were on
the road, taking their music from shore to shore. It is these touring years and
the experiences the reasons why the Beatles were who they were. Their
existenance, their music, their lives and their breakup are all entwined in the
years of their tour.

The Movie – Eight Days a Week

The movie that Ron Howard made is more about the truth of
what went down with the Beatles and how they rose to and fell from, fame. The
Beatles who made the world scream is captured and the hysteria that plagued the
crowds owing to the awesome Beatlemania. The movie puts the audience inside the
life of the Beatles to understand the fame and the brutality of it, which just
the four men experienced and understood completely. Eight Days a Week reminds
its audiences of the friendship, practice, collaboration and togetherness that
the Beatles shared. Howard was more interested in the bubble that the Beatles
created for themselves and lived in. The way they thrived together and had each
other back while distancing the world from their circle.

The Movie – Eight Days a Week
The Movie – Eight Days a Week

Ron Howard put together a team who unearthed an enormous
amount of material with the internet and sending out requests to people to
collect stuff they couldn’t access easily. Fans were ready to provide the footage,
and local TV representatives came forward with unseen footage recordings. A lot
of their live music concerts were filled with audiences who screamed so loud
that they could hardly hear the music at all. They unearthed records that they
digitized and were able to use in the film in an acceptable sound clarity
format. The results of transferring the footage collected into a documentary
that made the Eight Days a Week movie is stunning. The team managed to find a
teen Sigourney Weaver in the footage and showed her enjoying one of the
concerts. Then they manage to bring her into the documentary to share her
experience about the Beatles. Similarly, a lot of celebrities are brought
together in the movie itself. The true essence and the grandeur of their
influence are captured and translated in the film – a fantastic attempt to transcribe
legendary musicians.