The Beatles are an all famous band in the music industry. They are an icon to those who are lost and are willing to try new things. Not only are they famous for their songs, but they are also a widely loved and entertaining band. The Beatles were so widely known that they were known to create their system in which they affected their fans. Their music influenced their creativity. One of the most famous songs produced by the Beatles is the song ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.’ The song not only helped the band earn for followers, but it also sparked some controversies and theories about the song’s meaning. Included in this list are a vast number of controversies that the band faced during its prime moments.

Are the Beatles More Popular Than God?

In 1996, John Lennon’s statement about the popularity of the beetles caused a significant rebellion against the band. Although when the comment was reported in a British publication, there was little to no reaction. However, when it released in a famous teen magazine in America fans had a significant change in heart. It was so extreme that the manager of the Beatles considered stopping the US tour in its tracks. This behavior continued until Lennon apologized for his misbehavior and stated that if he had said that television was more popular than Jesus, he would have gotten away with it. This brought a sense of humour into the topic.

The Butchered Album Cover

In the mid-60s the image of the Beatles was entirely different than that of which you know now. They were considered to be the type of people who would invite you over for tea and be extremely friendly. However, as time passed newspaper articles found themselves changing that view. This began when 1996 US album ‘Yesterday and Today’ released an article that featured songs from the band’s British days. The photographer got the four members of the band to dress in white while standing among dismembered dolls and raw meat. Although this was meant to comment on the Vietnam war that was taking place at the time, the cover for the album was interpreted as a jab towards capital records. This speed multiple negative reviews until the organization was forced to change the album into the members standing near an empty steamer trunk.

Lucy or LSD

As the most famous hoax and theory about the band, the release of the Beatles’ 1997 album featured the all famous hit song ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.’ The timing of the release of this album is proven to be accurately corresponding with the time where hallucinogenic drugs were at an all-time high. It was due to this that fans made the connection between the song to the lingo the hallucinogenic drug, LSD. Under a conference, the Beatles denied the song having any relation to the drug which loosens matters up. However, that did not stop the track from being banned by the BBC. This was because many fans still believed that the connection between Lucy and LSD was pretty obvious.