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Why Cynthia Lennon Was Definitely The Fifth Beatle – Julian Lennon Biography

Many musicians and artists who rise to fame often take for granted the people who help them climb to the celebrity status that they enjoy. As for the Beatles, most people know about Yoko Ono and her relationship with Lennon. However, what most people fail to realise is that there Yoko might have played a […]


Time When Lennon Made Controversial Claims – The Jesus Controversy

A comment made by John Lennon about The Beatles being more popular than Christ sparked a controversy which led to death threats, protests and eventually became the reason for the death of Lennon. In 1966, during an interview, Lennon was talking about the decline in the number of people going to the church and ended […]


Taking the Blame for Breaking Up The Beatles – Yoko, John or Paul

In Beatles lore, Yoko Ono is the main controversial person, who entered the scene when the band was experiencing a phase full of hardships. This was a time of profound loss; bitter fighting was going on over business and leadership, leading to psychological questioning that eventually ended with the breaking up of the Beatles and […]


John Lennon and His Many Mysteries- Unknown Facts

Starting as a Boy Scout and choir boy, John Lennon had his heart at making it big as a musician. However, who knew he would turn out to be the founding member of the most iconic band “The Beatles“! He even turned out to be one of the most influential singers in the history of […]

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