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All about Paul McCartney

All about Paul McCartney

Paul is an English musician and songwriter. He was born in Liverpool England in the year 1942. His father James McCartney was a cotton marketer and places piano for a local band. While his mother, Mary McCartney was a nurse. His mother died after a mastectomy when John was only 14 years. John Lennon’s mother died when he was young too, and this helped both musicians to bond better in their musical career. McCartney was convinced by his father to play various musical instruments. Despite the fact that he was enrolled in music classes as a young boy, but he self-taught himself how to play piano, guitar, and trumpet.

He wrote the song ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ with the intention to sell it to Frank Sinatra. He first came in contact with John Lennon at a church ceremony when he was performing with his band ‘the Quarrymen.’ He was soon invited to join the band shortly afterward. Paul and John served as the foremost songwriters for the group. They reached an agreement later that all their music will be credited to Lennon-McCartney notwithstanding who wrong the dong. The group opted for a new name ‘The Beatles’ with Stuart Sutcliffe, Pete Best and George Harrison coming onboard as members of the group. The performed regularly at the Liverpool’s Cavern Club and attracted over 500 persons who were more than the club’s 200-person capacity.

They got an offer to perform in Hamburg, while there; Sutcliffe became romantically involved with a local artist called Astrid Kirchherr. He left the band, and this gave McCartney the opportunity the position of the band’s bass player. The Beatles band broke up in 1970, McCartney went ahead to pursue a career as a solo artist. He released his first album as a solo artist in 1970. The album which became a significant hit became an instant hit. Motivated by the success of his first solo album, McCartney started another band called ‘Wings’ which made waves all through the 70’s. The band released many singles and won two Grammy Awards.

In 1969, McCartney got married to Linda Eastman. They had four children: Stella, James, Heather, and Mary. The family relocated to McCartney’s farm later on. McCartney had to deal with some personal issues in the 1980’s. For instance, he was caught and tried for possession of marijuana in Japan.

This landed him a jail sentence of nine days in a Japanese prison. That same year, his old time friend, and former colleague was murdered in front of his New York home. After John’s death, McCartney quit going for tours for almost ten years. He went ahead to record new songs and featured other prominent musicians like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. He resumed his touring with a world tour in 1989 where he performed live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and attracted over 184,000 fans. In 2012, the album ‘Kisses on the Bottom’ was released by McCartney, and he featured some of his childhood songs such as ‘My Valentine’ and ‘It is only a Paper Moon.’