The Beatles were the first music band to go nuclear. The group was formed in England in the year 1960 and is one of the most commercially successful bands in the history of secular music. The band made rock music with it is today and is one of the most criticized music group in the history of popular music. The band had in its ranks John Lennon who played the guitar and vocals, Paul McCartney who played bass guitar and vocals, George Harrison who played the lead guitar and vocals, and Ringo Star who played the drums and Vocals.

Before the Beatles became the fabulous four we all know and love to this day, it began back in 1957 when John Lennon was in a skiffle group called ‘The Quarry Men.’ In July of that year while playing at the Woolton Parish fete, John met Paul McCartney.  The two became firm friends and began playing music together. The next year a young George Harrison joined the band. They tried a few different names including ‘Johnny and the Moondogs,’ ‘Long John and The Beetles’ and ‘The Silver Beatles’ before finally settling on ‘The Beatles’. Pete Best joined the band as drummer in 1960.

 By 1962 they had sadly been rejected by every record company in England until EMI’s Parlophone label signed them. Pete Best gave way in favor of the more experienced Ringo Starr. With the new line-up, they recorded their first minor UK hit ‘Love Me Do.’ This went on to reach the top of the US singles chart in May 1964 which at the time was pretty amazing as no British act had ever made much of an impact on the Americans. They then went on to record their first album, ‘Please Please Me’ which was a mix of original songs by Lennon and McCartney and also some covers.

London Palladium

 Beatlemania as it was known hit Britain on 13 October 1963 with a televised appearance at the London Palladium. Then in the February of the following year, they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show in the United States which made them a worldwide phenomenon. The young good looking Beatles came along with a massive stage presence and enthusiasm and caught the eye of the country. They broke many worldwide records in their career; in 1964 they had the top five places on the billboard hot 100 which is a feat that has not happened again.

Over the year’s group worked in many genres of music ranging from 1950s rock and roll, pop, psychedelic rock and often incorporating other elements in innovative ways such as classical. The Beatles had their final live performance on the roof at the Apple studio in London; this happened in January 1969. Their last music album “Abbey Road” was recorded in the same year. After so many speculations, the band broke up in 1970 when John Lennon decided to go solo. The fans were devastated and hoped for a reunion until 1980 when all hopes went down the drain with the assassination of John Lennon.