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A 1969 Recording Rewrote the History of The Beatles

History of The Beatles
History of The Beatles

In September of 2019, the legendary album of Beatles Abbey Road celebrated the 50th anniversary. The Fab Four record was the last song of the greatest pop band of all time for decades. But the record was remade and released once again last autumn to celebrate the 50th anniversary. The release of  tape meant that the ending of Beatles’ story should be rewrite.  For decades, the course of 1969 seemed to be completely clear. After the nerve-wracking recordings for the White Album, the Beatles wanted to return to their roots. The sound of the follow-up album should lead the band back to their rock ‘n roll roots. Paul McCartney has been in command of the group for several years, massively suppressing the influence of John Lennon. He gradually lost interest in his band and left the management to his partner. McCartney suggested that the recording session would be filmed live to produce a movie subsequently.

The Restart Ended in Chaos

The following sessions of Get Back went down in the music history. They showed a completely disputed group that finally gave up in exasperation and temporarily made the finished songs disappear into the archive. The argument went so far that a few band members wanted to leave the band, but Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr did not want to finish their career like that. They pulled themselves together again and went back to a studio. The result was a new album Abbey Road named after the street where you still can find the studio of this famous band. For 50 years, the history books were trying to figure out that were the members of the Beatles aware that this is going to be their last album. After the end of the session, all members took their ways and it was officially over a few months later.

Abbey Road studios
Abbey Road studios

New Single and New Album Planned

But now the story of the most famous band in the world has to be rewritten. Shortly before the release of a new edition of Abbey Road in September of 2019, the tape from the last meeting of the Fab Four saw the light of a day. It revealed sensational news. The tape was dedicated for Ringo Starr who was ill at that time. What the remaining three members agreed on that day was merely spectacular. The Beatles initially wanted to release a new single for Christmas of 1969. On the next album, George Harrison supposed to be an equal songwriter.  He was supposed to deliver four songs for the first time like John Lennon and Paul McCartney. At the same time, the legendary songwriter duo Lennon and McCartney wanted to end their partnership. In the future, both wanted to lead the respective author alone on the plates. That throws entirely new light at the end of this great band. However, the members had moved too far apart, and Paul McCartney officially announced that he is leaving the band in April 1970.