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John Lennon and His Many Mysteries- Unknown Facts

Starting as a Boy Scout and choir boy, John Lennon had his heart at making it big as a musician. However, who knew he would turn out to be the founding member of the most iconic band “The Beatles“! He even turned out to be one of the most influential singers in the history of […]


Controversial to The Beat – About the Beatles

The Beatles are an all famous band in the music industry. They are an icon to those who are lost and are willing to try new things. Not only are they famous for their songs, but they are also a widely loved and entertaining band. The Beatles were so widely known that they were known […]


How the Beatles Music Influenced Today’s Bands

The Beatles had a profound influence on music in later years, including music of today. This, of course, influenced later bands to do the same. The Beatles were also the first band to experiment with using different instruments and even doing loops. They also included features from several different music genres: from rock and roll […]


Why the Beatles Were so Popular

The Beatles rose to fame at a time when many of the baby boomer generation were reaching their teens and early twenties. This is one reason why the Beatles were so popular. The baby boomers represented much of the population at the time when the Beatles were becoming famous. The Beatles music was also very […]

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